Because Change is Possible

Supporting your Vitality through Massage, Yoga Therapy, Thai Bodywork, Herbs & DreamWork



Package Deals: Commit to yourself and I'll give you a discount.

There are at least two reasons to get a massage or visit a wellness professional. One is for instant stress relief. "I NEED a massage."  Yes. Do that! BOOK NOW. See you soon.

The other reason to get a massage, see an herbalist, a yoga therapist, etc. is because you've reached the point where your discomfort is no longer manageable, or you're ready to make changes that you KNOW will have positive effects. 

It's time to commit to yourself and make a plan. A do-able plan needs to include on-going support and to nourish your commitment to the changes ahead. Committing to a plan also means you're taking the "luxury" out of self-care, and beginning to value self-care efforts as a fundamental part of your life.

Because Change is Possible. Really. 

In Transition

Seasonal transition stress is real! Whether it's a season of the year or a season of your life, you need support, encouragement and a space for nurture. This series commits you to take time for three self-care sessions in 3-months. No refunds! How's that for motivation?

Includes one of each: 60 minute relaxation massage, 90 minute Thai bodywork session, and a private yoga session.


Trying Something New

Ever feel like you've lost the feeling of delight that comes with new experiences? You want to try something new, but windsurfing's not your cup of tea? Come explore your body's wisdom by trying these three services grouped together to pique your curiosity! Do you dare?

Includes one of each: 60 minute Spiritual direction session, 90 minute Thai bodywork session, and a private yoga session.


A New Seed, A New Path

Getting started on (another?) reboot to a "better" life can be hard. Staying on the new path can be even harder. This package is for those committed to improving sleep, diet, movement and stress management. The herbal consultation will include an inventory of your whole person wellness, and where you might need extra encouragement. Includes two herbal consultations, one 60 minute relaxation massage, and three private yoga sessions over the course of 6 weeks.



Are you ready to launch a package deal?

Take the "luxury" out of self care and let's do this thing! 

Buy a Package

Pre-Paid Lyme Disease Support: 

  (almost) a Year of Relaxation Massages

For Islanders, a deep discount on self care, offered to Lyme sufferers. Come monthly for a massage, 9 times over the course of the year, for a customized relaxation massage session to address (your) chronic lyme symptoms. Pre-paid, discount included = 20%, $990-$198= $792. This is not deep tissue massage. It's relaxation massage. Email  or call to get set up to start your series.

Recovery Support for A New Life:

 6 months of Yoga and Massage

The first year of recovery is a time to build your confidence and noursh a new normal. If self-care is on your list, committing to massage and yoga can help you stay rooted in your new life commitments.

This is a 6-month offering, with 12 sessions included. I imagine it as one 60-minute relaxation massage and one 75-minute private yoga session per month. Pre-payment required to get 20% discount. $1,260-$252 = $1,008. Email or call to see if this kind of support is for you. 

The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. 

-- Socrates