A ReConnecting Thread: a 9-month program for Women


A ReConnecting Thread: 9 months of Herbal Education &

Deep Self-Care for Women

Jennie has been working with students and clients at the intersection of spirit and body for 19 years. This 9-month program is the love child of her passion for self-care, body wisdom, herbalism and women, and her desire to work with Islanders building resilience and community.

If you are looking for a place to learn about herbs in a supportive community of women, over many months and many cups of tea, this program may be for you.

If you are ready to be encouraged, challenged, met, seen, and companioned as you acknowledge and reassemble parts of you that have been laid aside, un-tended, and even denied by you and others, (while learning about herbs) this program is for you.

What Will We Cover? Good Question! Topic Outline Is HERE.

When do I need to register? September 5.



2nd & 4th Wednesdays

September- May 

9:30 am- 2:30 pm

in West Tisbury, MA


(in case you're curious, that's $13.33/ class hour)

(And, payment plan available; inquire or register for details.)

Topics include: 

Nourishing Herbs * Remedies for Common Concerns * Walking with “Weeds” * Vitalism/The Wise Woman Tradition of health and healing * Body Wisdom * Nature Connection * Herbal Energetics * Kitchen Witchin’ * Building a Home Apothecary * Herbs by Body System 

Topic Outline is HERE.

Teaching & Learning Methods include:

Working with Plant Allies* Creating Plant Monographs * Reflective Journal * Sharing Circle * Medicine Making * Shared Readings * Movement & Meditation * Lectures * Student Presentations * Wildcrafting  *

Monthly Comm​unity DreamWork Sessions

Dream working is an ages old practice that deepens individual's self-knowledge and also builds community. 

This offering is coming to life in October 2018 and Beyond. Stay Tuned!

Yoga for Being Human, Yoga for Every Body

A weekly yoga class combining the best of restorative, slow flow and and yin yoga practices for those who want to lay low and glow, take the edge off, and find a little Ahhhh.

This offering coming to life in October 2018 and beyond. Stay Tuned!