Because Change is Possible

Services in support of Vitality: Massage, Yoga Therapy, Thai Bodywork, Herbs, Spiritual Direction, and DreamWork


Lasting Change-- That's not a one-session deal. So, get a package.



In addition to relaxation massage, I offer deep tissue, pre-natal, and what I call "The Works." 

If you're ready for a completely customized session with bells and whistles, go for "The Works!" 

 Massage sessions are $110-$190 depending on duration and modality. "The Works" ($190) is 90 minutes on the table with heat, joint mobilization, stones, aromatherapy, assisted stretching, foot reflexology and Reiki.

I've been a massage therapist since 2001, and I am Board Certified by the National Certification Board or Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

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Thai Bodywork

Thai Bodywork, also called Thai Yoga Massage, is an amazing form that combines massage, joint mobilization, and assisted stretching. It's done fully clothed on a mat on the floor, which allows for working deeply in places that just can't be worked effectively with oil on a table. 

90 minutes session $160

I'm also available to travel to your location. I tack on a $50-80 travel fee per trip (depends on what town and what season), not per client, so consider this for home spa days, wedding parties, and as a wind up for date night!

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy uses the practices and understandings of Yoga to address an individual's needs. In yoga classes, you do the teacher's practice; in a private session, you do your practice. (Postures, meditation, breathwork, energetics, mudras, and creation of a home practice that works are included in private sessions.) I am reconized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists as a Certified Yoga Therapist. I book  single sessions, but it's best commit to a minumumn of 3 sessions so we can make a plan, revise it, and see what changes unfold for you. 

Discounts for commitment. 

$85-$100/ 75 minute session.

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Herbal Consultations

I help people integrate herbal allies into their daily lives as part of the path to vitality and wellness. I don't usually recommend herbal supplements-- no pills here. I'm not an allopathic herbalist who might say "X herb is good for Y symptom." I am trained in energetics and tissue states, and listen for root causes as they affect these two things.  I'm interested in lifestyle effects (sleep, diet, movement, stress) on your overall health and joy. Mostly I work with tea and food, which are the most powerful "medicines" I know, especially when combined with movement and sleep! Sometimes I teach about tinctures, footsoaks, and topical preparations. I share recipes, kitchen-witching ideas, and occasionally throw a maker's learning party.

In addition to 15 years of independent study, my formal training includes a 2-year apprenticeship at Blazing Star Herbal School and a year of clinical studies at Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism

60 minute educational consultation $100-$50

Small group workshops by request.

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 I have been a traveler and guide on the inner landscape of dreams for 20 years. I believe in the wisdom that lies beneath the waking mind and speaks in metaphor, symbol and story. So many insights are available to all of us when we dream and work with our dreams.

What is this dream really about?

Is my dream trying to tell me something? (yes!)

How can I remember my dreams?

How can I dream more?

How can I dream for wisdom?

 How can I read the symbols of my waking life?

Much of my formal dreamwork education came from studying for two years at The Haden Institute in North Carolina.

60 minute private sessions $80

Sessions also via phone and Skype.

Small group workshops by request (girls' night, bridal party...)

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Reiki is a hands-on energy work technique that originated in Japan. I offer private Reiki sessions for times when you feel like your need to "recharge" or your primary concerns are deficiency and a need for deeper rest. I have been doing Reiki sessions since 1999, and have known it be be helpful to clients with insomina, a general sense of depeletion, anxious mind, and both doubt and curiousity about the realm of "energy" work.

Reiki has become more popular in teh West over the last two decades, and much has been uncovered and researched about it's origins and efficacy

60-75 minute session, $85 

I teach workshops in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, and also a thrid-level class called Advanced Techniques

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"Jennie was INCREDIBLE. Just walking into her space made me feel at ease and ready to receive the massage. She was fantastic, taking direction when needed, and her voice is the most calming voice I've ever heard! Would recommend 100%!"

Marnely M.

"I like Jennie's gentle, quiet, well paced, delivery of and solicitation of information, both seeking & offering guidance for a finely tuned individual session. I am relaxed in the trustworthy atmosphere Jennie creates, which aids my ability to deepen my attention and focus. I also appreciate Jennie's light sense of humor and genuinely expressed humility. I look forward very much to the certain growth I will attain under her care."

Cynthia R.

"Jennie is a superbly intuitive massage therapist. I am not sure how she knew, but for my first time she used exactly the right amount of pressure without my saying a thing. I felt relaxed and refreshed and rewarded. My daughter also came and was equally happy with her experience. She was also very patient with us because we were late and got a bit lost. But once we got there everything was smooth."

Ann G.