Because Change Is Possible


How Can I Help?

My goal has long been to find what is most needed in the world and offer my gifts to meet those needs. COVID-19 concerns have suspended my ability to offer hands-on care through professional massage and bodywork, which is a huge bummer! However...

I am still offering the following via

videoconference or phone:

(I have been seeing clients remotely for eight years. It works.)

One-on-One Spiritual Direction Sessions

Dreamwork Sessions 

(a focused kind of spiritual direction)

Herbal Consultations

Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction is a practice of focused listening to and with another for God's Invitation and the Longings of One's Own Heart. It is a practice of spiritual care for self, and is not confined to a particular religious tradition or belief system. Every practitioner is different. Check out my bio and the spiritual direction link for more information.

Herbal Consultations

Herbalism includes many things! I have a passion for teaching and for making introductions between people and herbal allies. I work holistically, so together we consider your diet, sleep, stressors, and movement habits in order to come up with a personalized plan for plant-assisted wellness. Click the icon above for Herbal Consultations to learn more.

Workshops, Retreats, Programs

I offer one-on-one education, small group workshops, private-and group retreats, and on-line programs. Sometimes the content is not so important as setting aside time to be inspired and to revisit your own inner landscape. Frequent themes include: dreamwork, reading signs and symbols, discernment, sabbath, deep listening, poetry, prayer, and herbal activities.