Because Change Is Possible


How Can I Help?

My goal has long been to find what is most needed and offer my gifts to meet those needs. COVID-19 concerns have suspended my ability to offer hands-on care through professional massage and bodywork.

I am still offering the following via

videoconference or phone:

(I have been seeing clients remotely for eight years. It works.)

One-on-One Spiritual Direction Sessions

Herbal Consultations

Dreamwork Sessions

Encouragement via a Re-Booted Blog

And for NonProfit Organizations:

Grant Writing/Prospecting/Coaching

Strategic Planning/Volunteer Management

Fundraising Support

Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction is a practice of focused listening to and with another for God's Invitation and the Longings of One's Own Heart. It is a practice of spiritual care for self, and is not confined to a particular religious tradition or belief system. Every practitioner is different. Check out my bio and what to expect with me.


Night dreams and even dream-like wakeful experiences can hold valuable insights and guidance for the dreamer. In dreamwork sessions, we can work on unpacking the wisdom of a specific dream, build your skillset for finding meaning in your dreams, develop your symbol literacy or discuss approaches for disrupted sleep or poor dream recall. 

NonProfit Consulting

I have a passion for helping small nonprofits with big hearts (and modest budgets) work smarter, write better, raise more money, and shine their light far and wide. I have more than 25 years experience helping  non-profits as employee, consultant, and board member. To read a bit about this work, follow the link above.