What are we being invited to?


I have a heart for spiritual hospitality.

I find joy in holding space for the leaders, teachers, way-makers, healers, ministers and justice workers in our midst. 

Those so gifted and led to pour themselves out also need to care for their own Souls and to tend to their own Deep Listening. The daily work of responding faithfully to glimpses of the Holy requires support, reflection, listening, and companionship.

Through spiritual direction, dream work, retreats and workshops, I provide a time set apart from daily rhythms to go with you to the places of Holy Encounter.

Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction is a practice of focused listening for God's Invitation and for the Longings of One's Own Heart. It is a practice of spiritual care for Self, and is not confined to a particular religious tradition or belief system. My approach is grounded in companionable curiosity and reverent wonder. Can you imagine an hour with someone totally invested in listening to your Soul's longings and making sure you hear them too?

Dream Work

 Dreams are an often forgotten or dismissed source of wisdom. They speak their messages in the disappearing langauges of symbol and metaphor. The art and science of dream work are alive and well in pockets across the world. While so much separates us from our Selves, one another, and from God, dreams offer re-connection that goes below and beyond mere linear thought. And it's fun to have an Ah-Ha moment! 

Workshops, Retreats, Programs

I offer one-on-one sessions, small group workshops, private-and group retreats, and on-line programs. Honestly, sometimes the content is not so important as setting aside time to be inspired, and to revisit your own inner landscape with a skilled and facilitative guide. Frequent themes include: dreamwork, discernment, Sabbath, 

deep listening, poetry, prayer, and Incarnation.